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    Cosemi Technologies Inc.

    See what recently had to say about our new LS Series: #fiberoptics

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    Cosemi Technologies Inc.

    Design World recently connected with us to gain insights into the world of active optical cables (AOCs) - this resulted in a 2-part story. Part 1 talks about what AOCs are: while part 2 discusses where AOCs are used: #AOC #fiberoptics

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    Cosemi Technologies Inc.

    This week, we are at ECOC in Rome – the largest optical communications exhibition in Europe drawing over 5,000 attendees from around the globe. At ECOC, we’re spotlighting our datacom family of cables, including our new SFP28 AOC as well as our QSFP28 AOC, which are designed for datacom and telecom applications. Click to learn more: #ECOC18

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    Cosemi Technologies Inc.

    We have expanded our family of data center active optical cables! Our new SFP28 cable addresses the growing need for interconnects supporting 25G Ethernet in data center networking applications. More details in today's announcement: #datacom #datacenter #SFP

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    Cosemi Technologies Inc.

    Our new LS Series of hardened AOCs continues to make headlines across the industry. Read what Lightwave had to say: #fiberoptics

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    Cosemi Technologies Inc.

    Did you hear? Laser Focus World recently wrote about our new LS Series of hardened AOCs. Check out the article here: #fiberoptics

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    Cosemi Technologies Inc.

    Introducing our newest family of active optical cables - the LS Series! These hardened AOCs feature higher levels of EMI and RFI resistance – making them well-suited to reliably and safely withstand conditions that exist in harsh environments. For more details, check out the announcement: #fiberoptics

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    Cosemi Technologies Inc.

    #CEDIA is next week in San Diego! At the show, we’ll debut a brand new series of cables designed for ruggedized applications – stay tuned for the announcement. Also at CEDIA, we’ll showcase our existing portfolio of powerful vcom AOCs, including DisplayPort, HDMI, USB-A and USB-C. If you’d like to schedule a time to meet with us, or if you’d like more information about our solutions, please contact

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welcome to cosemi technologies

Enabling Optical Connectivity Everywhere

Bandwidth-hungry multimedia and video, the Internet of Things, cloud services, big data – the list of things that gobble bandwidth at alarming rates is growing – as is the need for faster and faster ways to move all of this data over distances not achievable by copper-wired cabling. For demanding applications such as intra-data center interconnects, high-performance A/V interconnects and many more – fiber optics is the answer. Cosemi’s business model and technical proficiency allow us to provide the most technically capable optical solutions available in plug-and-play hybrid active optical cables (AOCs). Our high-quality, high-volume, high-performance products are connecting your industry with data communications and power delivery – in one singular active hybrid interconnect.


"Connecting" Your Industry

  • Data Center Interconnect

    The use of high-speed optical interconnects into and within mega-scale data centers is more popular than ever before thanks to cloud computing and 100Gb/s becoming the standard for intra-data center network speeds. Cosemi’s 100G AOCs offer an excellent solution for rack-to-rack or within the rack for server-to-TOR interconnect.

  • High Performance A/V Interconnect

    From 4K to 8K Ultra HD, video standards are advancing. Traditional copper connections can't handle the data and speed now involved in interconnecting players, projectors, cameras, and various display monitors and televisions. Cosemi’s AOC technology brings affordable, high-performance interconnects for all of the latest video standards.

  • USB Connectivity

    USB has become the ubiquitous data and power connector for today's digital world. Copper-based cables can't handle the distances demanded by current cutting-edge AR/VR, cameras and storage solutions. Cosemi’s OptoUSB AOC provides high-speed connectivity and power for USB devices at lengths not achievable by traditional solutions.

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