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Enabling Optical Connectivity Everywhere

Bandwidth-hungry multimedia and video, the Internet of Things, cloud services, big data – the list of things that gobble bandwidth at alarming rates is growing – as is the need for faster and faster ways to move all of this data over distances not achievable by copper-wired cabling. For demanding applications such as intra-data center interconnects, high-performance A/V interconnects and many more – fiber optics is the answer. Cosemi’s business model and technical proficiency allow us to provide the most technically capable optical solutions available in plug-and-play hybrid active optical cables (AOCs). Our high-quality, high-volume, high-performance products are connecting your industry with data communications and power delivery – in one singular active hybrid interconnect.


"Connecting" Your Industry

  • Data Center Interconnect

    The use of high-speed optical interconnects into and within mega-scale data centers is more popular than ever before thanks to cloud computing and 100Gb/s becoming the standard for intra-data center network speeds. Cosemi’s 100G AOCs offer an excellent solution for rack-to-rack or within the rack for server-to-TOR interconnect.

  • Machine Vision

    Cosemi AOCs enable transmission of bigger bandwidth at faster speeds. With long lengths for extended runs down a production or inspection line, thin and lightweight for easy cable management and extremely fast 10 Gbps data transfer rates

  • Medical

    Thin, plug-and-play AOCs offer high EMI/RFI protection while being extremely flexible during installation and use. Cosemi cables are a natural fit for easily extending video and data signals through walls to video display boards.

  • Pro AV

    From 4K to 8K Ultra HD, video standards are advancing. Traditional copper connections can't handle the data and speed now involved in interconnecting players, projectors, cameras, and various display monitors and televisions. Cosemi’s AOC technology brings affordable, high-performance interconnects for all of the latest video standards.

  • Video Collaboration

    For individuals looking for an immersive, face-to-face interaction over many miles or separate offices, video is the answer. Cosemi AOCs are the ideal connectivity solution for video collaboration.

  • Virtual Reality

    Cosemi AOCs are ideal for VR headsets where a thin, lightweight plug-and-play cable offers easy installation to extend video and data signals to your PC. Cables that support long lengths for extending the reach of a web cam, supporting full resolutions up to 4K and no external power needed.

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