GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) is one of several acronyms to describe the ongoing effort to roll out high-speed fiber optics to the greater public on an individual residential basis. FTTH, another acronym for this market segment, stands for fiber to the home.

Cosemi supplies photodiodes, ROSAs, and TOSAs (receive and transmit optical sub-assemblies) to the GPON market. Being successful in the GPON market means that suppliers must reach cost levels that are below those of telecom components (and sometimes even data center type components) at high volumes. Our fabless business model and operational excellence enable us to consistently and reliably supply the GPON market with the performance, quality and costs required by this ever expanding segment.

As the various technologies, speeds and form factors in telecom and datacom trickle down to the GPON markets, Cosemi has the experience and technical ability to implement them. As your lower volume telecom or datacom-type solutions begin to grow into GPON volumes, Cosemi is equipped to help you evolve through these transitions without having to completely re-design your products. Our Die Level Hermeticity TechnologyTM assists in making the transition to higher volumes and lower costs an easier one, thanks to our wide range of photodiodes and optical sub-assemblies.

Our BOSA product utilizing a Super PIN+TIA combination achieves a GPON B+ level of sensitivity (-29dBm). This enables GPON network designers to eliminate many of the avalanche photodiode (APD)-based receivers that introduce higher costs, greater fragility and more complex circuitry in order to operate at similar sensitivities.

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