High-Performance Audio/Visual Interconnect

Today’s leading edge audio/visual applications are experiencing a phenomenon similar to that of data centers: copper cables are simply no longer good enough. AOCs are enabling the emergence of ultra-high definition video (4K and 8K) and computer-peripheral interconnects to traverse the usual distances in homes, theaters, stadiums and classrooms where traditional copper used to suffice.

Cosemi uses patented technology to apply high-volume manufacturing techniques to the underlying optical sub-assemblies in our HDMI and USB3.1 AOCs (and data center AOCs). No longer are fiber optics an out-of-reach or impractical solution for these consumer-oriented applications. Fiber optic HDMI cable technology is necessary to support many of the distances encountered in these applications (greater than several meters), and Cosemi can deliver it at a cost that is surprisingly similar to that of traditional shielded copper solutions.

Fiber optic links are no longer limited to use in telecom and datacom environments – the time has come where fiber optics will be an integral part of the everyday lives of consumers – at work and at home.

For information about our OptoHD AOCs – including our fiber optic HDMI cable – please click here.

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