Enabling Optical Connectivity Everywhere

From wireless networks and satellites to high-speed cable internet and more – virtually all forms of communication today rely heavily on fiber optics. Fiber is what carries the vast majority of data traffic from point to point throughout a given network. All fiber optic links have a fundamental similarity at their endpoints: electrical-to-optical transducers (such as lasers or LEDs) and optical-to-electrical transducers (such as photodiodes). As a leading supplier of photodiodes, optical assemblies and active optical cables, Cosemi is enabling the use of fiber optic links everywhere.

Traditionally, fiber optic links were primarily used by large carriers responsible for telecom and datacom. Today – fiber optic links, with speeds equaling those of telecom networks, are increasingly being deployed in everyday applications. Consumers want to connect their personal computers, phones, tablets, and home theater components with increasingly faster bandwidths and higher resolution video. Fiber optics are a proven, cost-effective way to address the increasing data-intensive use of these high-performance applications for consumers and personal computing. Cosemi is enabling these new standalone fiber optic links through our turn-key, ready-to-use active optical cables.

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