Virtual Reality

You’re walking through a jungle – reach out and touch the lush green foliage, feel the unsteady ground under your feet, listen to the sounds of the animals and nature around you.

When it comes to virtual reality (VR) – an immersive, realistic experience is the goal. Creating a sensory experience for the user that includes sight, touch, hearing, and even smell and taste is what sets VR apart. Growing at a rapid pace, the VR market is projected to increase from $6.2B in 2019 to more than $16B in 2022.

But, to enjoy a simulated environment and interact with 3D worlds the right connectivity solutions must be in place. In fact, recent studies show that user experience is the main obstacle to mass adoption of VR.

Don’t let a bad connection ruin your reality. Cosemi AOCs are ideal for VR headsets where a thin, lightweight plug-and-play cable offers easy installation to extend video and data signals to your PC. Get the best experience possible with cables that support long lengths for extending the reach of a web cam, supporting full resolutions up to 4K, no external power needed.

When a new reality is what you’re looking for – Cosemi AOCs go the distance.


Cosemi's AOC for the Virtual Reality market include:

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