If you’re serious about gaming or eSports, you need a fiber optic connection. Don’t sacrifice your game play with old school copper wire technology. Fiber optics gives you the fastest connection possible – and a big competitive advantage. Game on.

Maximize System Performance,
Improve Game Play

Today’s gaming lifestyles demand connectivity solutions with high-speed optical connections. After all, gaming situations often include simulation, visualization, augmented and virtual reality scenarios to put you in the action in real-time – not to mention large format displays using multiple monitors. Cosemi’s AOCs address this need for speed with plug-and-play links to existing electrical connectors that scale greater distances than possible using copper links. Plug in from the other side of the room if need be. They also support the latest 4K & 8K standards, making our AOCs ideal for all of your gaming applications.

Quality Connections =
A Better Gaming Experience

With poorly made cables, noise and interference can compromise the signals coming from your console. The free cables that come bundled with your monitor or gaming controller won’t give you the best-quality connection – and often aren’t built to last. Add to this the fact that many of these free cables will simply be too short for your gaming setup, and the end result is a disappointing, subpar experience. Nobody wants that.

Don’t Squander Your Competitive Advantage!

You bought the best gaming equipment for a reason. Think of it this way: If you purchased a high-performance sports car, you wouldn’t outfit it with low-end tires. You’d get insufficient traction, poor handling, and increased road noise. All of the benefits built into that top-of-line vehicle would be lost. In the same way, low-quality connections can rob you of the performance you paid for when you bought your system.