Cosemi Consumer Products


HDMI Ultra-High Definition Optical Link Cable 

Cosemi’s HDMI AOCs support high definition (1080p) and ultra-high definition (4K & 8K) video, deep color (48-bit), 3D and multi-channel digital audio on a single cable. Where standard passive high-speed HDMI cables fall short – they can’t carry 4K video much further than 8 meters – ours go the distance: fiber optics allow Cosemi’s AOC cables to provide full signal integrity over 100 meters. They also keep your options open when it comes to next-gen video displays, as they can easily handle any bandwidth demand. Our AOCs are stand-alone – no additional power needed. In fact, they act just like a passive plug-and-play HDMI cable – simply plug and play for the clearest, most intense images and sound possible.

  • High-Speed Fiber Optics
  • Ultra-High Definition 4K & 8K
  • Deep Color (48-bit)
  • Supports ARC
  • Plenum UL Rated Jacket


USB Active Optical Cables 

Cosemi’s USB AOCs support 10Gbps data transfers and up – all in a single cable. Thanks to the power of fiber optics, these cables meet bandwidth demands with plug-and-play links to existing electrical connectors over longer distances than copper links can offer. Supporting the latest USB standards, our USB AOCs make the perfect connection for AR/VR, conference room cameras and machine vision, storage, and other computer peripherals – all of which demand data transmission over long distances.

  • High-Speed Fiber Optics
  • Male to Female
  • Male to Male
  • 10 Gbps data transfer
  • Connector Types: A, C, Micro-B (locking)

DisplayPort AOC

DisplayPort 2.0 Optical Link Cable 

Cosemi’s DP AOCs support DisplayPort 2.0 and up to 8K 60 444 resolution. With a hybrid design of copper and fiber optics, these cables provide full signal integrity over distance and future-proofed bandwidth for the next generation of high-resolution displays. Our DP AOCs bring the power, performance and distance needed for A/V distribution in conference and huddle rooms, classrooms, training rooms, lecture halls, houses of worship, digital signage, and a variety of commercial and residential A/V applications.

  • High-Speed Fiber Optics
  • HBR3-32.4Gbps
  • Ultra-High Definition 4K/8K 60 444
  • No external power required
  • Backward compatible with DisplayPort 1.3 and DisplayPort 1.2