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Cosemi CEO Looks to Future After New Funds

Technology company Cosemi, maker of optical cables, highlights history, plots growth and talks about the bright future ahead.

Optical cable supports 60W USB-C power

The Cosemi DP alt mode USB-C cables use a proprietary optical engine from Cosemi Technologies to combine the control and 60W power of a copper cable with the high-speed data transfer of fiber optics.

Cosemi launches new line of active optical cables

Cosemi's new line of Active Optical cables provide up to 60W of power delivery as well as the ability to charge devices, thereby enabling a single port interconnect for video, data and charging for DP or USB-C devices.

Cosemi debuts USB-C DisplayPort alt mode hybrid optical cables

Cosemi has introduced a line of active optical cables with DisplayPort alt mode technology, allowing USB-C enabled computers and mobile devices to connect to a display or monitor directly.

Cosemi Accelerates Growth with Funding Round

Cosemi, the optical cable specialist, has closed an $8 million strategic funding round, led by Nitto Denko Corporation of Osaka. The investment will be used to address the broad, growing market opportunity for its high-speed, hybrid active optical interconnect solutions.

Cosemi Connects With $8M

Irvine-based Cosemi Technologies, a developer of plug-and-play HDMI, DisplayPort and USB active optical cables, has raised $8M in a strategic funding round. According to Cosemi, it will use the new funding to accelerate its growth, and also address a growing market in the area of high-speed, hybrid active optical interconnect solutions.

Cosemi Secures Strategic Funding

Cosemi Technologies Inc. has closed an $8 million strategic funding round, led by Nitto Denko Corporation, an Osaka-based diversified materials manufacturer and Cosemi technology and solutions partner.

September 2020 New Connectivity Products II

Cosemi Technologies' new line of lengthy, lightweight USB-C active copper and active optical cables provide 60W power delivery and 3A fast charging for a broad range of consumer electronics devices.

Cosemi expands Amazon storefront with USB hybrid active optical cables

Cosemi Technologies Inc. announced that it has enhanced its Amazon storefront with the addition of a wide range of USB hybrid active optical cables. These cables, which will be available both on Amazon U.S. and Europe, bring consumers one step closer to the optimal HD experience.

Cosemi Launches 100-Meter USB 3.1 Gen 2 Optical Cables

Cosemi has introduced new USB 3.1 Gen 2 active optical cables, which support full speed USB connections at distances of up to 100 meters. The cables are designed primarily for industrial applications.

Finding Audiovisual Nirvana

This article written by Cosemi takes a look at how fiber optics and active optical cables are helping to usher in a new wave of audiovisual nirvana.

Cosemi's 18G HDMI All-Fiber dongle enables 4K/8K video

At InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, FL, Cosemi introduced a new video interconnect designed to deliver perfect picture and audio quality at 4K/60 Hz, 4:4:4; with HDR support. The pluggable 18G HDMI All-Fiber dongle was developed for applications seeking to take advantage of multimode fiber in existing infrastructures, such as those found in education, medical and corporate enterprise environments.

Cosemi to Show Pluggable 18GB Fiber Interconnect

Cosemi’s new all-fiber HDMI 2.0 dongle is billed as a comprehensive interconnect solution for 4K/8K video – at lengths ranging from tens of feet to thousands of feet.

USB Active Optical Cables

USB Active Optical Cables from Cosemi Technologies Inc. are redesigned to support full 10-G bidirectional data for USB 3.1 Gen 2 and backward compatibility to USB 2.0. USB 3.1 Gen 2 boasts a 10-Gbps data transfer rate, making it a popular choice for streaming 4-K video, video collaboration in conference and huddle rooms, and bleeding-edge peripherals such as cameras, hubs, media servers, monitors, projectors, storage devices, and more.

Cosemi Launches USB 3.1 Gen 2 Hybrid Active Optical Cable: Up to 50 Meters of USB

Cosemi has introduced the industry’s first USB 3.1 Gen 2 hybrid active optical cables, which enable USB connectivity over distances upwards of 50 meters. The cables will be available with various connectors and therefore will be able to address a variety of applications.

New USB 3.1 active fiber data cable delivers 10Gbps of transmission bandwidth over 50 meters

Cosemi has introduced the world’s first hybrid active optical data line that supports USB 3.1 Gen.2 standard and provides 10 Gbps of transmission bandwidth over distances of up to 50 meters.

Industry-first USB hybrid active optical cables are compliant with USB 3.1 and 2.0

The wait is over: high-speed USB connectivity in a single cable is now possible at long distances. Cosemi Technologies Inc. has launched a new, redesigned version of its USB plug-and-play hybrid Active Optical Cable. Cosemi’s new lineup supports full 10G bidirectional data for USB 3.1 Gen 2 and is backward compatible to USB 2.0 — in the same cable.

Low-Power Buy

Cosemi Technologies Inc. is back to growth mode, having acquired a South Korean company and inking a distribution deal with the world’s largest online retailer, “The acquisition of Optella will bring Cosemi one step closer to its mission of bringing the unparalleled benefits of fiber optics to every interconnect application, over both short and long ranges,” Samir Desai, senior vice president of business development, told the Business Journal.

Cosemi Acquires Optella

Cosemi Technologies, Inc., announced the acquisition of Optella Co. Ltd., a provider of optical connectivity for long-reach optical interconnect applications. According to Cosemi, this acquisition puts the company further down the path on its mission to bring fiber optics to every interconnect application.

Cosemi buys Optella, eyes expansion into 5G fronthaul, FTTx

“Together, Cosemi and Optella are well-positioned to gain increasing traction and drive toward the next phase of innovation and growth,” said Cosemi CEO Dr. Nguyen X. Nguyen. “We remain committed to supporting today’s unprecedented data growth and, as we expand our target markets, Optella’s technology platform fits into our strategy very nicely."

Cosemi Acquires Optella

Currently focused on low-cost, plug-and-play, short-reach optical communication interconnects for video and data communications, Cosemi has identified broad opportunities in adjacent markets such as 5G radio fronthaul/backhaul and next-generation FTTx. Optella’s Rainbow Engine and C.O.O.L technology platform adds significant synergies to Cosemi’s technology portfolio and ushers in commercialization potential in these new markets.

Cosemi acquires Optella to open new markets

It is planned that Optella will become a wholly-owned Korean entity of Cosemi, maintaining its current operating model, infrastructure and employees. Under the acquisition terms, Optella’s founder and CEO, Sangsoo Lee, will become CTO for Optella Korea and Dr. Nguyen X. Nguyen will become chairman of Optella Korea’s board of directors.

Hardened Active Optical Cables

The LS Series of robust, premium, hardened active optical cables from Cosemi Technologies Inc. features a proprietary shielded cable, hybridized with a metal shell-enclosed optoelectronics engine. Though initially built to address the interconnect needs of medical applications, the LS Series has the potential to be deployed in other sensitive environments such as factories using industrial automation.

Where are Active Optical Cables used?

AOCs are extremely versatile in use. In theory, any copper interconnect can be made into an AOC. In particular, demand is currently high for AOCs in consumer video (HDMI, DisplayPort) and PC USB or data center (QSFP, SFP) applications.

What are Active Optical Cables?

AOCs convert electrical signals into optical for the transmission of video and data communications, over short or long distances, between sources and displays. Compared with direct attach copper cable for video and/or data transmission, AOCs provide many advantages, such as lighter weight, faster speeds, lower power consumption, lower interconnection loss, and increased flexibility.

Cosemi unveils LS Series active optical cables

The LS Series offers a patented, opto electronic platform alongside a thin and flexible shielded hybrid cable. The metal shell enclosure makes them an ideal choice for medical applications requiring EMI/RFI resistance in 4K/8K high resolution imaging. The LS Series offers the convenience of being a true ‘plug-and-play,’ 4K/8K video interconnect solution that does not require external power.

Cosemi announces hardened active optical cables

Cosemi Technologies has launched a line of hardened (meaning that they can survive harsh industrial environments) active optical cables (AOCs). The LS Series AOCs are a combination of shielded cable and a metal-shell-enclosed "optoelectronics engine." Intended for medical, industrial automation, and machine-vision uses, the LS Series provides high levels of resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI).

Hardened active optical cables from Cosemi offer EMI-RFI resistance

Best suited for medical, industrial automation and machine vision applications, the LS series provides shielded, flexible connectivity with increased interference protection. The new family of AOCs will initially feature a DisplayPort 1.4 cable with HDMI 2.0/2.1 and USB 3.1 cables to follow.

The Future of Video Conferencing: VC Daily Interviews Cosemi Senior VP Samir Desai

VC Daily’s Future of Video Conferencing interview series asks industry leaders to talk about how video conferencing is impacting their industries and how new communication technology might make a difference in the way they work and the products and services they provide. We sat down with Samir Desai, senior vice president of business development at Cosemi, to talk about Cosemi’s goal of producing cables that provide fast, powerful and flexible connections. Click on the logo to the left to read the full Q&A.

Product Briefs: Cosemi Active Optical Cables ISF Certified

According to Dr. Nguyen X. Nguyen, CEO for Cosemi, achieving ISF certification for its HDMI 2.0 AOCs up to 20 meters in length brings an even higher level of confidence to users. “Our goal is to bring the unparalleled benefits of fiber optics to a broader audience with our best-in-class AOCs,” notes Nguyen. “Being tested and certified by an independent third-party lab not only underscores the fact that our technology makes true 4K 60 4:4:4 UHD resolution a reality, but it brings further assurance that our AOCs remain reliable under intense conditions.”

HDMI 2.0 Active Optical Cables From Cosemi Now ISF-Certified

Cosemi Technologies has announced that its HDMI 2.0 active optical cables have been certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) for 18Gb/s performance. Dedicated to improving the quality of electronic imaging, the ISF conducts extensive field and lab testing. Cosemi achieved ISF certification for its HDMI 2.0 AOCs up to 20 meters in length.

Cosemi Technologies – Company On A Mission To Enable Optical Connectivity Everywhere

Cosemi Technologies is focused on enabling optical connectivity everywhere. Cosemi designs and manufactures active optical cables for infrastructures supporting unprecedented data growth. To find out more about these active optical cables, we sat down with Samir Desai, Cosemi’s Senior VP of Business Development. Click on the logo to the left to read the full Q&A.

Cosemi Expands Global Sales Channel Through Distribution Agreement with WESCO International Inc.

Cosemi announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with WESCO International Inc. Under terms of the agreement, WESCO will distribute Cosemi’s family of HDMI, DisplayPort 8K and USB active optical cables to its international distribution network. This partnership is in addition to Cosemi’s existing OEM relationship with Liberty AV Solutions, a WESCO subsidiary for value-integrated audiovisual solutions and subsystems.

Cosemi Announces 328-Feet ‘8K-Ready’ OptoDP Active DisplayPort 1.4 Optical Cable

Cosemi has announced its first OptoDP active optical cable that supports a DisplayPort 1.4 connection. The cable supports resolutions up to 8K60 4:4:4 at 60 Hz and is designed for users who need to connect ultra-high-definition displays/TVs or projectors to sources located far away.

DisplayPort 1.4 active optical cables are 8K-ready

DisplayPort 1.4 is the only standard that offers support for 8K ultra high-definition resolutions, and Cosemi's new OptoDP cable enables 8K content to be seen precisely as it was intended to be, providing full signal integrity up to 100 meters at 8K60 444 resolution. The OptoDP AOC's key features include high-speed fiber optics, a bandwidth of 32.4Gbps and no power requirement.

Cosemi Launches HDMI 2.0 Active Optical Cables for Consumers

Cosemi Technologies announced that its OptoHD HDMI 2.0 active optical cables are now available. The OptoHD AOCs are plug-and-play fiber optic connections between devices in the home that deliver true 4K 60 4:4:4 Ultra High-Definition resolution. They replace traditional copper cables that cannot provide the speed and power required by new HDMI video standards.

Innovative Approach Set to Reduce Cost, Widen Applications for Optoelectronic Products

California-based Cosemi says the combination of its innovative technology and a fabless manufacturing approach can deliver cost and performance improvements that will help to make fiber optics more widely available. In fact, the company claims it is ‘on a mission.’

Cosemi Addresses Video Bottleneck To Enable Monetization of Optical Networks

Dr. Jiang’s panel discussion subject is entitled “Optical Network for Uncompressed High Definition Video Transmission.” He will discuss the essence of the optical network concept for uncompressed High Definition (HD) video transmission, for example how the connection bottleneck between the UHD TV and high end sources can be made easily, and how eventually its wide deployment can facilitate the special BW needs to further monetize existing optical networks.

Cosemi Makes Optical Connectivity Accessible; Breaks Barrier to Adoption

Through innovative technology advancements and a high volume, fabless manufacturing approach, Cosemi delivers breakthrough cost and performance improvements to make fiber optics’ enormous data carrying potential a reality. Leveraging a rare combination of supply chain efficiency knowledge and technical capability in high-speed RF and optical compound semiconductor design, Cosemi is on a mission to make optical connectivity — and all of its benefits — available to a multitude of industries, including industrial, commercial, B2B and consumer.

Cosemi Named Finalist for 22nd Annual OC Tech Alliance High-Tech Awards in Consumer Devices & Software Category

“Our judges reviewed significantly more product nominations this year than in previous years — and selecting finalists was not an easy task,” said Peter Craig, CEO, OC Tech Alliance. “We congratulate Cosemi on being selected as a finalist and look forward to welcoming them at the gala.”

Cosemi Announces HDMI-Compatible OptoHD Cables in Lengths of up to 100 Meters

Dr. Nguyen X. Nguyen, Cosemi’s CEO, commented that the OptoHD solution meets the current stringent video quality requirements and lays down the future-proof foundation for long span connections between the ever demanding video sources and the ever improving displays.

U.S. Patent Issued to Cosemi Technologies on System and Method for Data Communications via Hybrid Cable Medium

“This patent places Cosemi in the leading position to provide a variety of products such as active HDMI cables, which are increasingly needed for HD/UHD video connections, especially for long distances and high performance resolutions like 4K and 8K. The hybrid nature of this technology platform enables Cosemi to produce very high speed active cables, without external power,” says Dr. Nguyen X. Nguyen, CEO of Cosemi Technologies.

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