About Optella

Optella provides cost-effective, low-power, single-mode optical engines with a small footprint as well as optical transceivers for 5G fronthaul/backhaul and next-generation FTTx. These network-interconnect solutions maximize transmission efficiency for massive data for long-reach optical interconnect applications.

Our technology platforms include:

  • Silicon Optical Bench (SiOB)-based optics-and-electronics-integrated platform
  • Photonics Chip on Board (PCoB)-based optics-and-electronics-integrated platform

Technical Differentiators:

  • 25G signal and heat transfer using TSV
  • Lensless coupling between laser and waveguide that is applicable to any type of lasers like VCSEL, DML and EML
  • Single mode and multi-channel optical engine

Technology Innovation:

  • Single-mode solution optimized for 2 km single-mode fiber
  • Gen1 of 40G/100G and moving to Gen2 of 400G
  • The 4-channel long-wavelength VCSEL with a lensless architecture
  • Tx & Rx co-packaged in Gen1, MUX/DEMUX co-packaged in Gen 2
  • Moving to LGA-like solution
  • Scalability from long-wavelength VCSELs to Silicon Photonics in the same package
  • Transitioning from pluggable form-factor application to on-board application

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