Optella’s technology platforms offer reliable, low-cost, energy-efficient, and small footprint optical solutions. The Optella C.O.O.L™ technology advantage is highlighted below.

Rainbow Engine


Cost-Effective Photonics Platform

  • Optella provides Silicon Optical Bench (SiOB)-based photonics-and-electronics integrated platform
  • This structure enables CMOS-compatible mass production and cost reduction of optical module packaging
  • This package is applicable to Si photonics


Open Type for Any Case

  • Wider operating temperature range for outdoor application: -40 ~ 85℃
  • Environmental condition – outdoor (5G) and indoor (data center)
  • Pluggable and on-board types


Optimized for Multi-Wavelength and Higher Scalability

  • Efficient network upgrade using WDM
  • Multi-wavelength in a single fiber
  • Pay-as-you-grow upgrade possible
  • Provide the extended reach


Light Solution: Low-Power and Small Size

  • Low-power consumption: <2.5W
  • Small footprint solution (e.g. LGA solution size: 7 x 11 x 2 mm3)

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