Silicon Photonics


MZI Modulator
Germanium Photodiode
DEMUX integrated with photodiode


Silicon photonic devices are fabricated with a CMOS process and provide the distinct advantages of a 1/10 smaller footprint, 1/10 power consumption and 1/10 cost reduction over other photonics competitive solutions. Since they are also easily implemented with hybrid devices utilizing CMOS-based electronics, this technology is regarded as the only way to achieve $1/Gbps for many applications.

When Dr. Lee (founder) was a project leader at ETRI, he led various projects of silicon photonic device development such as MZI modulator, AWG, Germanium photodiode and coupling technology. Leveraging these technologies, Optella’s Rainbow engine is also progressing from VCSEL to silicon photonics.

*Currently, the right of these devices belongs to ETRI.

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