The Cosemi LB43-0102P is a bi-directional optical sub-assembly (BOSA) for GPON applications. The receiver portion can operate at 2.5Gbps and uses a high sensitive InGaAs PIN photodiode (PD) and an auto gain controlled (AGC) pre-amplifier (TIA) with extra high gain; this combination is known as a Super PIN+TIA because it achieves similar sensitivity that traditionally has required use of more complex, more expensive, temperature limited and more fragile avalanche photodiodes (APDs). The high-sensitivity Super PIN+TIA combination enables the LB43-0102P to be used for the B+ GPON application that demands high sensitivity. The transmitter portion of the BOSA is capable of 1.25Gb/s and utilizes a 1310nm DFB laser. The LB43-0102P with -SC47P1A option is provided with an SC/APC style connector on a short singlemode pigtail (other connector styles and ferrule-receptacle only versions are available; contact Cosemi sales at for more information).

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Features & Specs

  • Speed (Gbps): Tx 1.25Gb / Rx 2.5Gb
  • Wavelength: mixed
  • type of OSA: BOSA

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