Cosemi‚Äôs LPD2014 is a mesa-structured, InGaAs-based PIN photodiode offering high responsivity, low dark current and low capacitance for high-bandwidth, high-performance optical receiver designs. This same device is also available in various sized arrays from 1×1 to 1×12 (contact Cosemi Sales at sales@cosemi.com for more information).

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Features & Specs

  • Speed (Gbps): 10Gb
  • Array: 1x1
  • Wavelength: Long
  • type of OSA: BOSA
  • Pad Style: 2 pad N-P Diagonal
  • Aperture (um): 45
  • Material: InGaAs
  • Size X,Y (um): 220 x 220

Docs & Downloads

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