QSFP28 100Gb AOC

Data centers support the backbone of cloud computing. With ever-increasing pressures on data delivery, this fast-paced market has standardized on 100G interconnects and QSFP28 pluggable form-factors to build server-switch networks. These networks need optical connection to service links ranging from tens of meters to a few kilometers within the data center-intra data center network. While longer links need single-mode fiber-based optical communication, a majority of links may be serviced with 100 meters of link reach.

Cosemi’s QSFP28 AOCs address the growing need for server-switch intra data center links supporting 100 Gb/s (4x25G) at distances up to 100 meters. AOCs are the best price/performance solution for server-switch TOR and intra-rack interconnects.

Product Brief

QSFP AOC Product Brief – Download Here

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