SFP28 25Gb AOC

Today, SFP sockets are among the most common optical transceiver form factors and are found in everything from Ethernet NIC and TOR switches to routers, firewalls and network interface cards. Driven by cloud and hyperscale data centers, the migration to 25G Ethernet server connectivity continues. Enabling this movement is the SFP28 form factor, which was designed specifically for 25G signal transmission. New standards bring higher speeds and increased efficiencies, which require more flexible server-to-top-of-rack switch interconnects.

Cosemi’s SFP28 AOCs provide a superior alternative to the direct-attach copper cables of the past. Offering full compliance to 25G Ethernet standard and improved power efficiency than active copper cables, Cosemi’s cables also bring plug-and-play simplicity, better EMI, improved bend radius, and increased reach of up to 100 meters – all while being substantially lighter and thinner than copper.

Product Brief

SFP AOC Product Brief – Download Here

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