Cosemi supplies high-quality, high-volume, high-performance products for use in cloud computing data centers, fiber to the home (FTTH) networks, and industrial and consumer applications. Leveraging our world-class supply chain and unique business model, our deeply experienced team has been delivering optical component solutions (millions of them!) to Tier-1 customers since the company’s founding in 2006.

  • AOC

    Active Optical Cables (AOCs) are becoming increasingly important in data centers for use as point–to-point links. Copper solutions simply do not have the bandwidth, speed or distance to support today’s 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s standards. Cosemi’s patented assembly methods allow us to provide the performance and speed of fiber optics in cost-effective assemblies that plug and play as simply as any copper-based cable. We are extending our optical expertise into today’s emerging consumer interconnects for high-speed audio/visual data applications, using standards such as HDMI2.0, 4K, 8K (Ultra High Definition video) and USB 3.1 – all in rugged, easy-to-use, self-powered active optical cable assemblies.

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  • OSA

    Cosemi’s expertise in delivering high-volume, high-performance components extends into integrated optical sub-assemblies (OSAs) for the challenging GPON and FTTH markets, as well as datacom and telecom 10Gb/s+ datalinks. The same optimum business model that allows us to deliver unprecedented value in our photodiodes and AOCs extends to our portfolio of receive optical sub-assemblies (ROSAs) and transmit optical sub-assemblies (TOSAs). Our extensive portfolio of quality, high-performance, cost-competitive OSAs bring low costs and the highest possible speed and bandwidths to the next generation of connections.

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